The Project

Hey World,

We have a dream.

Our local YMCA center is a place where all types of people from around the community can come together to do Yoga, learn Karate, swim, and send their kids to spend the summer to have fun. It's a place that is dear to all of us, and has fostered important social values in Hawaii's youth for over 60 years.
We want to give back to the center by giving it a makeover. An Extreme Makeover? Not quite. 

How 'bout an Extreme GREEN Makeover

Over the course of the next few months, we hope to retrofit the Kaimuki-Waialae YMCA with energy efficient technologies, and transform it into an educational setting that also fosters environmental stewardship and technological innovation in Hawaii's youth. 
Through raising awareness, we hope to impact the families that frequent the center, as well as inspire other organizations around Hawaii to institute their own sustainability initiatives.

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