Sunday, February 26, 2012

Update #1

What would you trade for a -- LENOVO K1 IDEAPAD?

So we currently have 7 of these sick Lenovo Tablets in our possession. Lenovo graciously gave them to us during the Student Global Leadership Institute this past summer to use as learning tools. However, we've decided that they could be used for an even better cause. We're offering them to the community in the form a trade. Help us take one step further toward the Extreme GREEN Makeover!

Please email all offers, questions, and comments to

7 Lenovo K1 Ideapads (white) w/ carrying cases and all other necessary components.
Very Good - All work well. These Tablets were just released this past summer and they have only been LIGHTLY used since then. 

Current market price for a brand new K1 is $500. 

Don't be shy--send an offer now to!